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Photography Tips: Practice and Consistency for Stunning Results

Harnessing the Canon RF 70-200mm Lens for Sports Photography


I recently purchased an all-new Canon RF 70-200mm Lens, the height of #ParisFashionWeek.

So instantly, I found myself in a back-to-back schedule shooting Runways, Influencers and back-to-back shows. This did not allow me to get fully acquainted with the new lens and the fantastic combination with the Canon R5.

So yesterday, I took the opportunity to shoot the Maif Ekiden in Paris to practice some and put myself in a versatile situation, which is not a fashion show, but it allows you to get to know your gear and experiment.

So, in this article, I am sharing some Photography Tips and tricks, and hopefully, you can use and improve your game. The principles remain the same whether you shoot with a Canon, Nikon, Sony or any other system.

Managing High-Volume Shooting: The compact RAW (cRAW) format allowed the storage of approximately 5600 shots on a 128GB card, with battery life to spare. This efficient use of storage and power ensured that no moment was missed, even over an extensive shooting period.

Electronic Shutter Utilization: Concerns about rolling shutter effects often deter photographers from using the electronic shutter with fast-moving subjects. However, experience has shown that for runners, mostly moving towards the camera, rolling shutter distortions were virtually nonexistent. This dispels common myths and suggests photographers should test the e-shutter in their specific shooting contexts.

Buffer Handling: Throughout the event, the camera handled continuous bursts without reaching buffer capacity, allowing extended action sequences to be captured without interruption.

Conclusion: The Canon RF 70-200mm F2.8 lens stands out not only for its technical specifications but also for the practical advantages it offers in the field. Its reduced weight and size, combined with high-quality optics, make it a formidable tool for sports photographers. Those seeking to freeze the fleet-footed moments of a marathon would be well-equipped with this lens in their arsenal.

And a special thanks to Haddad Brands Team for inviting me to the event.

For a closer look at this lens in action, here are some sample images from the recent marathon, showcasing its ability to capture the intensity and dynamism of the event. For more images and Photography Tips & Tricks check out my Instagram. You can even book a 15-minute consultation/ Photo Critique session with me online for free.

Catching a Marathon Runner in Paris Ekiden Maif, during a sprint with higher shutter speed at  ISO1000
You can remove the noise in Post Production but not motion blur

Photo of a Marathon runner caught with a Canon R5 and a 70-200mm F2.8 Lens with a high shutter speed
You can bump up your ISO to get the right Shutter Speed


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