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Rohit Verma Photography recognized at Gaurav Gupta & FM24 Coverage

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Paris witnessed yet another display of sartorial brilliance with Indian designer Gaurav Gupta's latest collection, "Hiranyagarbha", at the prestigious Palais de Tokyo. While the couture drew attention, what stood as the silent yet impactful pillar behind those stunning visuals was the masterful lens work. The hardworking of the Rohit Verma Photography, stands recognized by FashionMagazine24

Coverage of Gaurav Gupta show by Rohit Verma Photography in Paris
Gaurav Gupta's stunning collection

In the dynamic realm of fashion photography, especially with runway showcases and influencers, it's no longer just about a keen eye for detail.

Today, the essence lies in being at the right place, at the exact moment. The stakes are high - photographers must capture, process, produce, and share those perfect shots at an exhilarating pace that almost feels impossible.

This calls for more than just skill; it demands experience, state-of-the-art equipment, meticulously honed workflows, and even the prowess of #ArtificialIntelligence to select and edit the standout photos in mere minutes instead of hours.

Moreover, having a credible platform to showcase these captured moments is equally pivotal.

This is where Rohit Verma Photography steps into the spotlight. With a robust foundation built on rich experience, our studio not only possesses the aforementioned tools and techniques but also the flexibility to scale our team to meet the varying demands of each project. Every shot taken, every image processed, is under the astute guidance and quality assurance provided by Rohit himself.

Article in FashionMagazine24 featuring the work of Rohit Verma Photography a Paris based Fashion Photographer
Article in FashionMagazine24 featuring Rohit Verma Photography

The recent coverage of the Gaurav Gupta show by FashionMagazine24

serves as a glowing testament to our dedication and prowess. Garnering accolades from influencers, esteemed magazines, and even the visionary designer himself, it's evident that our photography is not just about freezing moments, but about telling a story, painting a vision, and creating an impact.

In the vast sea of photography options, you might find many willing to click for free. But for results that resonate, for visuals that engage and captivate, it's imperative to collaborate with seasoned professionals like us.

Ready to craft captivating stories with your brand? Explore our tailored packs, book online, or get in touch directly to elevate your visual narrative.

Special thanks to FashionMagazine24, Elena Horvath, Hema Bose & the man behind all this magic Gaurav Gupta

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